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Norac AS in Arendal-Norway was established in 1973, with the main focus on the production of panels, fittings and bathrooms for the ship and offshore industry. Gradually, requests for Norac products also came into use on land, and today Norac Badekabiner AS are a sister company that exclusively supplies prefabricated bathroom modules to the construction industry. With our production of prefabricated bathroom modules in our own factory in Lithuania, our annual capacity per today approx. 2500 baths.

The goal of Norac Badekabiner AS is to be the best, most appealing and safest prefabricated bathroom solution on the market for houses, apartment buildings, hotels and institutions. This is achieved through close dialogue with the architect, the builder and in collaboration with quality-proven subcontractors and well-known brands. Our prefabricated bathrooms are type-approved by SINTEF and are performed in accordance with current TEK and NEK 400-14

Our sister company Norac AS is a leading supplier of interior systems for cruise ships, ferries, commercial vessels and offshore installations.  Headquartered in Norway, the company manufactures and distributes fire-rated walls, ceiling systems, doors, prefabricated wet units, floating floors, windows and furniture, making Norac a “one-stop shop” for high-quality, affordable interior systems for the maritime industry.

Norac products are manufactured with only first-class materials in compliance with the most exacting rules and regulations and Norac’s own strict quality control.


M11L Grande Metal Look Iron Dark,

Above there is displayed a snippet
og a 120×120 tile.


Grohe Rainshower Cold Hard Graphite –

  • 26075ALO

Product is displayed alone above.

Grohe Rainshower 26075ALO –

Displayed in bathroom fully installed, that
is an example of a finished bathroom the
Grohe Rainshower.


Example WC with seat soft close displayed above.

Laufen WC H8209660000001 +
seat soft close H8989660000001

Grohe Pushbottom 38732ALO

Cistern for water


Washbasin with integrated overflow

  • BSK.19.1792

Grohe  Watertap

  •  19408AL1

Grohe inside wall parts for water tap

  • 23571000

Pop-up for washbasin

  • 65807ALO

Shower doors

FAST DROPS is a new technology that protects the glasses of shower enclosures from the impact of water. It provides additional features to the substance: the glass becomes more resistant to scratches and is easy to clean.

The water remains on glass because of the molecular force called surface tension. When the surface is coated by cover Fast drops, the direct contact of water molecules with glass disappears. The drops turn into balls and flow down because they are physically pushed from the surface.

Greta Rall shower doors.


Shelf under mirror –

  • AC1601-30/H11

Mirror –

Drawing of the mirror.


Unidrain *  1008.1200  *  1500.1208  *  1608.1200  *  1421.0075


Collector box for water supply


Spare Toilet Roll Holder

  • 40385ALI

Toilet Roll Holder

  • 40689AL1